gardening class hattieHattie’s Garden offers gardening classes each spring. The focus is always on organic principles and growing your own vegetables, herbs and annual flowers. The class suits every level, from the new gardener to experienced the gardener. No matter what your skill set, you will come away with plenty of new information and knowledge. If you have never tried to grow vegetables and would like to give it a try, join us for the next class and learn.

Vegetable and flower gardening is not difficult. Anyone can garden and anyone can improve upon what they are doing now. We are constantly learning here at Hattie’s Garden. We try new things, analyzing what we are doing each year and each year is a fresh start.

Each student receives customized instruction directly applicable to their own gardening projects in classes limited in size, generally to eight or less students.

During the class sessions, we will analyze everyone’s personal gardening situation from plots to containers. You will get hands on experience trying out various techniques and tools, from weeding to digging to seed planting, both starting your own plants inside and learning how to direct seed into your garden spaces.

gardening classGardening is an amazing activity for your health, both physically and mentally. And you can effectively grow a good portion of your own vegetables with less effort than you may have imagined.

A significant chunk of the class will deal with soil science and the practice of organic gardening. Why organic? The answers may surprise you and we learn more all the time about the benefits of healthy soils creating nutritious foods.

Each class comprises two sessions, with the second session held two weeks after the first. During that break, you will be busy with a bit of homework as well as some planning for your garden. We will discuss and demonstrate how to take a soil sample and send it off for testing so that those of you who wish, can submit a sample and get recommendations you can bring back to the second class session. We will then discuss how to supplement your soil with appropriate organic inputs, including basic raw minerals and organic matter.

In the class you will learn how to stagger planting to best feed your family. We will talk about best practices for harvesting and for post-harvest care. Discussions will also focus on the life of a plant, when and how to harvest, when it is time to replant an area and how you might do that.

The class will address many of your questions such as:
healthy soil

  • How do I prepare my garden?
  • What do I need to do to the soil to keep it healthy?
  • When should I plant things in the spring?
  • What about weeding and pests?
  • How much can I grow?
  • What are cool weather vs. warm weather crops?
  • How late in the season can I plant certain vegetables?
  • When should I start new vegetables for my “fall garden”?
  • How can I put my garden (and containers) “to bed” in the fall to make sure they will be ready for a new growing season with a minimum of preparation?
  • How can I plant vegetables so you have a continuous supply of the things you like to eat and not have everything ready all at once?

romaine-lettuce-seedlingsAbove all, the focus is on organic vegetable gardening and on eating a significant amount of produce we can grow ourselves in a small space. If it seems like there is a lot to learn, there certainly is, but the truth is, seeds want to grow and those with very little experience can easily plant and enjoy the fruits of their labors with just a bit of guidance.

We will notify you through our email list when the next class will be available for you to register.

If you are interested in learning more about the class before we post this information, you can always email Hattie now.