CSA Now Open through March 1, 2024 — Sign Up Now

Hattie’s Garden CSA

Hattie’s Garden CSA

CSA Now Open through March 1, 2023 — Sign Up Now

Hattie’s Garden is pleased to announce the launch of our CSA for 2024. CSA stands for community-supported agriculture and is a concept that has caught hold throughout the sustainable agriculture community.

CSA-2023-SignUp TodayFarmers establish CSAs to more closely link communities and farms by asking their communities to provide financial support in exchange for goods in advance of the season. The pre-season for a farmer is generally a time when funds are low and expenses are high. By participating in a CSA, the community enables the farmer to more easily acquire needed inputs for the season.

Hattie’s Garden CSA allows you to purchase an amount of credit toward everything Hattie’s Garden grows. This includes vegetable transplants, herbs, cutting flower plants, bedding plants, as well as our produce and flower bouquets we sell during the season. For purchasing ahead of time, you will receive a 10% discount. CSA credits may be used beginning with the growing season in May. Credits do not expire.

Hattie’s Garden is known for growing healthy vigorous plants which are ready to take off when you place them in the soil. They will make better growth than most box-store plants, and are healthier plants from the start. Plants are available for purchase throughout the spring, beginning in late April.

Vermont Compost CompanyWe grow a marvelous range of vegetable plants, cutting flowers, bedding flowers and a multitude of herbs at Hattie’s Garden. Our customers are amazed at how well our plants do for them.

We use a certified organic compost-based, living soil potting mix from Vermont Compost Company. There is none better. We have tried many different types of organic potting soils and have never found one that even remotely approaches the health and vigor this soil gives to our plants. Of course, we also give them plenty of tender loving care!

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

What plants and varieties do you have?

Please look at our plant section on the website for what will be available this spring. We will update a few things as we finalize our orders and begin our season, but the list should mostly remain the same. Seed companies are still struggling to keep up with demand because supply chain issues, and there may be a few substitutions. However, we will be sure to offer a more than adequate selection. If you have any questions, please email hattie.

When will the plants be available?

tomato-plants-6-weeksOur first planting of warm weather plants, such as tomatoes, are normally ready by May 1, with some cool weather plants available prior to that date. We will have at least a couple plantings of most items.

We will have frequent plant sales at the Garden, as well as new regular hours beginning with the market season. Plants will also be available at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market (HLFM). However, the best selection is always at the Garden.

Plants will be sold from the end of April throughout May, and into June. You will also have an opportunity to have us make recommendations and answer questions when you come.

Is there a deadline for buying CSA Plant Credits?

The deadline for participating in the CSA is March 1, but we encourage you to sign up and purchase your CSA credits as soon as you are able so that we can order what we need to get growing.

sign_up-todayIn addition, your credits do not expire, and may be used anytime during the year to buy anything we sell here at Hattie’s Garden.

How do I order my CSA Credits?

  1. Go to the CSA Order Form. This form will be available through March 1.
  2. Select any quantity of credits in $500, $300, $200, $100 and $50 increments, for which we add 10% to your total credit to make your dollars go further.
  3. If you do not receive your confirmation, please contact Hattie by email immediately so we can be sure we have your order.
  4. An invoice will be manually generated and emailed to you within a couple of days. Payment of your invoice secures your CSA credits at your 10% discount.
  5. We retain a record of your paid credit and keep an updated notebook at all our sales, and as well as at the HLFM.

Ready to get started? Sign Up Now.