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Hattie’s Garden Plant CSA

Hattie's PlantsCSA stands for community-supported agriculture and is a concept that has caught hold throughout the sustainable agriculture community. Our customers help us stay in business by supplying us with financial support at a time when funds are low and expenses are high. We can then more easily acquire the needed inputs for the season.

The Plant CSA allows you to purchase an amount of credit toward Hattie’s Garden vegetable transplants, herbs, cutting flowers and bedding plants ahead of time in exchange for a discount.

Plants are available eight weeks during the spring, and most plants are planted multiple times to provide you with a plant that is at an appropriate age; not stressed or root-bound. Hattie’s Garden is known for growing healthy vigorous plant which are ready to take off when you place them in the soil, will make better growth than most box-store plants and are healthier plants from the start.

vt-compost-co-signWe grow a marvelous range of vegetable plants, cutting flowers, bedding flowers and a multitude of herbs at Hattie’s Garden. Our customers are amazed at how well our plants do for them. We use a certified organic compost-based, living soil potting mix from Vermont Compost Company. There is none better. We have tried many different types of organic potting soils and have never found one that even remotely approaches the health and vigor this soil gives to our plants. Of course, we also give them plenty of tender loving care!

What plants and varieties will be available?

Please look at our plant section on the website. We will be updating some of the offerings in February as we complete our seed ordering, but most of the plants listed for 2016 will be available for 2017. Please email Hattie if you have any special requests.

When will plants be available?

tomato-plants-6-weeksWe normally have our first planting ready by about the third week in April for those people who like to start early. We will have several plantings of everything and you can expect a weekly plant sale at the garden ever week throughout all of May and into early June.

You will also find our plants at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market (HLFM) beginning the second weekend in May. Due to space limitations at the HLFM, please come to the garden sales for the best selection.